David Lloyd George (DLG) Elementary School     8370 Cartier Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4T8  604-713-4895             PAC email: pac.dlg@gmail.com
PAC Meeting every first Tuesday 6-7:30 pm in DLG Library.  Sept-June   Email us if you need babysitting

DLG PAC supports the school in funding from fundraising for:
Technology, we need to upgrade our computers and monitors.
Gym Equipment,   School Awards, Reading Certificates

Grade 7 Graduation,  Dance unit. Replacement of the Primary Playground.
And many other areas that make our kids school experience the best it can be.

One of our main areas for 2015-16 is
the replacement of the intermediate playground. The Vancouver School Board will remove the wooden Intermediates playground Summer 2015-2016 and will NOT pay to replace it.  Below is the playground we will purchase once we raise the $80,000.

David Lloyd George (DLG) Elementary School  8370 Cartier Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4T8, 604-713-4895             PAC email: pac.dlg@gmail.com

David Lloyd George Elementary School PAC