David Lloyd George (DLG) Elementary School     8370 Cartier Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4T8  604-713-4895             PAC email: pac.dlg@gmail.com
PAC Meeting every first Tuesday 6-7:30 pm in DLG Library.  Sept-June   Email us if you need babysitting

All DLG Parents are members of the DLG PAC

  • The PAC meets monthly to organize activities to promote school community.
  • At meetings the Principal will also discuss issued relating to the school  from the day to day activities to the future bigger picture.
  • It is a fact that the school's budget is not enough to maintain all the expenses, PAC fundraises to assist in technology purchases, gym equipment, raised the funds for the Primary Playground, awards, certificates, the dance units, Grade 7 graduation and much much more.

Ways Parents Can Support Their School

  • Come out to meetings and help plan the year.
  • Volunteer for the various events or fundraising activities
  • Donate items for the picnic or for raffles
  • Share ideas that you may have for fundraising or community events.
  • Donate a tax deductible  financial contribution.

David Lloyd George (DLG) Elementary School  8370 Cartier Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4T8, 604-713-4895             PAC email: pac.dlg@gmail.com

David Lloyd George Elementary School PAC